Eric Helmer


Eric Helmer
Born 1968

Lawyer, Tax Specialist,(Interim) Manager


Over 20 years of international tax/legal (re) structuring experience as external consultant and Managing Director and Group Tax Director of which:

- Over 10 years of (tax) consultancy experience with ‘Big Four’
- Over 10 years of management and tax experience in several quoted multinational groups

Specialist in (international) tax issues; going concern tax issues as well as issues following M & A, reorganizations, international restructuring, etc.

Experienced in creating and implementing international group structures

Experienced in setting up/reorganizing group tax departments of multinational companies

Experienced in implementing OECD, domestic legislative and compliance requirements (f.e. OECD/BEPS, Master File, Local File and Country by Country file)

Managed companies in several European countries

Conducted substantial negotiation processes with Tax Authorities in wide range of countries


Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, (Post Master European Fiscal Studies) 2001
Nyenrode University, Breukelen, The Netherlands, (MBA modules) 2000
University of Leiden, The Netherlands (Master of Laws) 1994


Professional Experience

Over twenty years of international (tax) law and management experience in ‘Big Four’ (as consultant) and quoted multinational groups (as Managing Director and Group Tax Director)