motiv-cons-uebersicht02 GmbH is a business consulting company with an international team of qualified consultants. We specialize in selected areas of consulting in line with our core competencies, and our team members have years of experience in dealing with the areas of:, Your Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Consulting Firm
As companies take the Merger and Acquisition (M&A) path to rationalize or expand their business, they are in need of expert transaction support for their M&A. can help companies improve their odds of successful merger and acquisition, leveraging on our experience in providing consultancy to many successful M&A projects. A properly executed M&A exercise can yield win-win for all parties and create a merged entity which opens up immense business potential going forward. It is therefore imperative that companies seek expert advice for their M&A to ensure their success. At, our consultants will help you plan the most important aspects of integration, from the initial exploration and negotiation stage right through to the integration of the entities; and also provide you with an interim management team, if there is a need for one. Being an experienced Merger and Acquisition consulting firm, we are proud to be the number one choice for M&A consulting by many corporates.

When companies are expanding their business into new markets, they would need to set up in-country entities in the new territories. Incorporation of company in a new country requires an understanding of the local legislation and processes, and this is where comes in to provide our expertise in this area to facilitate the fast incorporation of companies, cutting through the unnecessary bureaucracies.

Crisis Prevention and Management
Even when a business is performing well, it is important that a company has a crisis prevention and management plan in place. This is in view of the current volatile global economic situation which might affect a business within a short period of time. will be able to advise companies on the formulation of their crisis prevention and crisis management plans, so that the company will be well prepared to avoid any unforeseen crisis that might arise; and in the event that a crisis does occur, the company will be in a position to manage it to minimize the negative impacts.

Corporate Insolvency Services
In the situation when a company is faced with the unfortunate consequence of having to go into an insolvent state, would be able to provide Corporate Insolvency services for the company, its liquidators or private equity investors. Business owners tend to move too abruptly to declare bankruptcy under such situations, when there are other possibilities and options other than bankruptcy that a company can adopt. Our consultants will take the time to discuss all of the potential options in corporate insolvency with our clients, and propose the best way forward which will render a better outcome for the stake holders.

Interim Management Services
Operating a business throughout an insolvency process can be very difficult, especially if the members of the management team starts leaving the company. is able to provide Interim Management Services under such situations to manage the closing process or transition. This would ensure an orderly process for the insolvency, and minimize further damages or losses to the company.

At, our mission is to provide our best expertise to our clients in their transactions, business build-up or crisis prevention and crisis management; so as to achieve financial success and minimize impact to  their business. We are committed to fulfilling our obligations to our clients through our experience, expertise, and dedication to excellent client service.

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