Intellectual Property (IP)

ameleo offers certified legal experts in securing and enforcing your all your IP rights. We will help you in protecting your respective trademarks, patents and copyrights in connection with comprehensive protection strategies, contract negotiations, and monitoring and / or managing of IP.

ameleo ensures the protection of your IP both nationally and internationally. International protection of IP rights is not limited only for the global multinational companies to consider. it is also advisable for small and medium size companies to secure both domestic and foreign rights protection of their IP. This is especially when the company’s products and services will be delivered in foreign markets or the company has or will be building a foreign production facility. The professional expertise of our lawyers, coupled with their access into an established international network of expertises, guarantees consultation at the highest level.

Another major part of our consultancy is in the area of competition law. Due to the wealth of information that companies may disseminate through the Internet, it thus requires expert assistance for companies to avoid legal pitfalls and costly litigations. Conversely, it is necessary to determine whether unfair actions of competitors can be countered with legal means available.

The following are our key areas of focus:

- Registration and enforcement of national and international trademarks
- Unfair competition (counseling, legal enforcement and defense)
- Possibilities of protection of copyrights, contract drafting and negotiation.
- Protection and enforcement of industrial design
- Protection of utility patent and patents (collaboration with specialized patent attorneys)
- Exploitation of intellectual property rights, contract advice
- Trademarks and patents in insolvency cases
- Protection of company names and titles of works